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Poo-pourri ship happens bottle

How does Poo-Pourri work?

My mom was bugging me for a long time about Poo-Pourri. She kept talking about it and trying to convince all her children to buy bottles (we are all adults). But I live by myself so I’m not that worried about the smells I leave behind when I use the toilet. But one day when […]

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Toothbrush and brush heads

6 Ways to Sanitize Your Toothbrush

Everyone knows that consistent tooth-brushing (and flossing) is the foundation of a great oral hygiene. But it’s not just your teeth that needs regular cleaning – so does your toothbrush! The primary job of a toothbrush is to get rid of food particles and plaque from the teeth. Consequently, it gets contaminated with saliva, blood, […]

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Waterpik Water Flossers vs. Sonicare AirFloss

So you are looking for alternatives to string floss or interdental brushes and you’ve come across water flossing as a potential alternative. You may have also come across a product called the Sonicare AirFloss from electronics giant Philips. While water flossers and the AirFloss sometimes get lumped together in the same category because they both […]

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Does water flossing work

Does Water Flossing Work?

Dental experts agree that brushing your teeth is not enough when it comes to oral hygiene. Flossing, combined with brushing, has been recommended for decades as an effective way of removing bacteria and plaque from between the teeth at the gum line. Despite some debate in 2016 about the effectiveness of flossing, the American Dental […]

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