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Fitbit activity tracker

Smart Scales That Work With Fitbit

If you are using Fitbit watches or wristbands and tracking results on the Fitbit app, it’s a natural next step to purchase a smart scale and start syncing your weight and BMI too. Getting everything into one fitness tracking ecosystem is exciting for the data-hungry fitness freak. Now, you’ll be happy to know that Fitbit […]

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Brookstone towel warmer review

Brookstone Towel Warmer Review

Winter is here and that means potentially cold houses and cold bathrooms. There’s nothing worse than stepping out of nice hot shower into a cold room and putting on a cold robe or clothes! This is where towel warmers come in and there are indeed lots of different types with different features and different price […]

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iphone and smart scale

Smart Bathroom Scales for the iPhone

So you own and iPhone and you are thinking about which smart scale to buy. It’s confusing out there with so many options for smart scales, so we’ve tried to break it down here for you. Luckily there are many smart scales that sync with iPhones. In this post, we talk about what you need […]

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ifox shower speaker

Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Before recent advances in technology, it was a bit of a hassle to have music in the bathroom. Thankfully, there are quite a few different ways that you can listen to your music, in stereo quality, in the shower or when taking a bath. One of the most popular methods is using waterproof shower speakers […]

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