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Apple Health and smart scales

Smart Scales Compatible with Apple Health

When choosing  a smart scale for your home, the single most important consideration you need to consider is what your preferred health and fitness tracking app is or is going to be. While there are other features to take into account smart scales generally work the same, and the specific features that set them apart […]

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Digital Scale for measuring weight

How Do Body Composition Scales Work?

Like many women I am constantly thinking about weight loss and getting fit. And as a bit of a geek I do like to track my progress. In fact, I find that regular tracking critical! Without it, I’d have a tough time really knowing whether I was really burning that belly fat, or if I […]

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myfitnesspal app homepage

Smart Scales Compatible With MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a great app from Under Armour. Available free on Apple and Android devices, it’s a handy tool in reaching your fitness goals. MyFitnessPal helps you track exactly what calories, macros, and vitamins/minerals you’re ingesting with each meal, each day. But if you want to seamlessly and efficiently monitor you health you don’t just need […]

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Scales that work with Apple Watch

Best Wifi Scales That Work With Apple Watch

So you just bought an Apple Watch, you’re ready to start synching up all your cool health and fitness apps and you need a wifi scale. Using a wifi scale is a convenient way to synch up all your data without having to manually enter data into your chosen app whenever you use the scale […]

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Towel warmers for small spaces

Best Towel Warmers for Small Spaces

Having a small bathroom can be a real pain. It’s already the smallest room in the house, and because of all the different things you often need to do in the bathroom, you need to get really creative with your storage and design ideas. Towel warmers play a big role in making a bathroom feel […]

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Best Towel Warmer Brands

A routine Google search shows that there are many options when looking for a towel warmer, both in terms of model and brand. It can take a while to review the many alternatives and while there are many individual products on the market, we have narrowed our selection down to what we think are the […]

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