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About me

Hi! I’m Stephen. I became a homeowner and bought my apartment in the summer of 2015. I spend a lot of my time thinking about improving and decorating my place. I like gadgets, and I probably have too many of them. As a side project, I wanted to start a blog about my journey owning and decorating my first home, but noticed there are a lot of blogs about home improvement and decoration. I decided to focus on one aspect – bathrooms. Is it my favourite room? Well maybe not – personally I prefer spending time in my bedroom or the living room 🙂 But I do find myself tinkering with my bathroom and buying all kinds of accessories for it. So I decided to write about it. I hope you enjoy the site!

How I write reviews

There are articles on this site where I talk about products and review them against each other.  I want to talk about how I go about doing this.

The first thing I do for these articles is do some high level market research, where I read articles about the market, visit industry websites and journals on the topic, and consumer research non-profits like Which or I will also visit various e-commerce websites to get a sense of the range of products available on the market.

After this I will put together a list of what the main factors are to consider when buying the product. Essentially, the buying criteria. This will partially be based on my own thoughts but mainly what I find in the research.

I will then choose a selection of the best reviewed products – from Amazon and other e-commerce sites, and review them. I usually only publish 3-5 products, and they will represent a range of price points and features. My reviews are based on information about the products themselves, their features and prices, and also on the feedback I read about on Amazon and other sites. I would love to say I buy everything and test everything, but that just isn’t feasible for me. What I do try to do is ensure that what I write is objective and matter-of-fact. I am not trying to sell you one product or the other. In fact, now that I think of it, reviews probably aren’t even the right  word – maybe product ‘descriptions’ might be more appropriate?

Affiliate links disclosure – I do earn commission when people click on an Amazon link and make a purchase (at no extra cost to the user). But as I indicated above, I try to make sure every review is objective and well-researched.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at admin (at) pimpmybathroom (dot) net.

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