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Best Electric Toothbrush For Sensitive Teeth

Living with sensitive teeth sucks. It can cost you the everyday pleasures of foods and beverages we all know and love and can make merely brushing your teeth a painful chore. There are many ways to combat sensitive teeth, and using the right toothbrush is really important. But it is a combination of the right toothbrush and the right brush head.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is caused by many different variables of harm that comes to our canines. A life time of brushing your teeth too hard, or with bristles that are too hard for your teeth strength, can pull back the protective tooth enamel and can leave the cementum (a hardened substance that protects the root of the tooth) open to the elements. Grinding your teeth is also a main cause of teeth sensitivity which, though not many people claim they do often, is common in most people whilst sleeping. The over intake of acidic and sugary food and drinks can cause gum recession which way also lead to teeth sensitivity.

Choosing an electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth

If you are suffering with sensitive teeth, and have yet to look into what to consider when trying to ease the pain, there are some factors that you should address with your toothbrush that may help ease the pain.

  • Brush heads – different brush heads will serve different purposes. For sensitive teeth and gums you should be getting softer brush heads. For Oral B toothbrushes this is called ‘Sensitive Clean’. Sonicare toothbrushes have what’s called the Premium Gum Care brush head. You can replace most electric toothbrushes with different brush heads.
  • Cleaning modes – in getting yourself an electric toothbrush, you should take note of the cleaning modes available to you. Both Oral B and Sonicare electric toothbrushes have models with a Sensitive cleaning mode. This mode vibrates with lower intensity, easier on your sensitive teeth and gums. Some toothbrushes have additional intensity modes to further control the level of intensity.
  • Pressure sensors – many electric toothbrushes work with pressure sensors that can give you a real time look into how forceful you are with you brushing. These will stop you from brushing too hard, which can in the longer run make your teeth more sensitive.

Here we have a list of five toothbrushes that incorporate most of these factors into their designs, to should give you an idea of the kind of tools you should be looking for to help build up some barriers for your sensitive teeth and further protect the remaining enamel on them.


Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries

Oral B Pro 7000 SmartSeries electric toothbrush

Cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Whitening, Massage, Sensitive and Tongue Cleaning

Brush heads: comes with several brush heads, include 1 Sensitive Clean brush head

The Pro 7000 SmartSeries is on the high end of electric toothbrushes. It is designed by Braun, and accelerates to top speeds faster than other toothbrushes, up to 800 brush movements per second. But don’t worry – it still has a Sensitive mode and comes with a Sensitive Clean brush head. With Bluetooth connectivity it connects to an app that will tell you all you need to know about your brushing experience in real time. So this electric toothbrush is for the data enthusiasts with sensitive teeth. The packages includes 1 Premium Charger with Refill Head Storage and 1 Premium Travel Case.


  • Offers real-time feedback on your brushing technique and use of force on your teeth via the Oral-B app.
  • Comes with premium charger and premium travel case
  • Offers a variety of cleaning modes and is compatible with all Oral B brush heads if you want to change.

Reviews of the Pro 7000 SmartSeries bustle with positivity for the brush heads cleaning ability, causing an almost immediate feeling of smoothness. The 3D oscillation and angled bristles of the brush head work together brilliantly to achieve a deep clean of the teeth and mouth in general.

Oral B Pro 3000 SmartSeries

Oral B Pro 3000 SmartSeries electric toothbrush

Cleaning modes: Daily clean, Gum Care, Sensitive mode

Brush heads: Compatible with all brush heads

The Pro 3000 is a slightly cheaper, slightly downgraded version of the Pro 7000. It has 3 modes instead of 7. But it still has the same sleek design, with the same positive results. It has a visible pressure sensor which indicates when you are brushing too hard. The 30 second timer (alerting you with a vibration) is great for telling you to switch sides in your mouth.


  • Offers three cleaning modes.
  • Has a visual pressure sensor on the neck of the brush.

As you can probably imagine, there is more positive feedback in respects to the 7000 SmartSeries, but this toothbrush has a healthy following of users. The visual pressure sensor that flashes red if you are forcing the brush head too much is a great addition to a simple device.

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Deluxe HX6731

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite electric toothbrush

Cleaning modes: Clean, Clean and White, and Sensitive

Brush heads: compatible with all, comes with ProResults brush head

This electric toothbrush is again a simplistic design that pushes to create a healthy dental routine. The Deluxe HX6731 is an effective plaque remover with its specifically engineered bristles and its brush head oscillation. It has 3 modes of cleaning, Clean, Clean and White, and Senstitive. It has a 30 second timer to warn you when to clean the next quadrant in your mouth as well as a 2 minute timer for the entire brushing time.


  • Three modes of cleaning
  • 30 second quadrant timer as well as 2 minute timer
  • Comes with a hard travel case

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum HX9112

Cleaning modes: 3 modes – Clean, White and Deep Clean. But this is combined with 3 different intensity settings

Brush heads: Compatible with all brush heads, comes with Adaptive Clean brush head

Similar to the difference between the Oral-B 7000 and 3000, this Philips toothbrush is but a more technologically advanced version of the HX6731. The FlexCare Platinum HX9112 as well as having more bells and whistles added to it boasts a better cleaning rate thanks to all of its proficient cleaning modes. The advanced pressure sensor automatically alerts you when you’re brushing too hard.


  • Nine customizable brushing modes and intensity settings
  • Built in pressure sensor
  • Says to be able to remove up to 10x more plaque than other branded manual toothbrushes.
  • Long battery life good for travelling

Probably the best rated electric toothbrush on this list. The different cleaning modes make this the most tailored clean available to whatever needs you have in your dental routine. One of the best points of this device is its battery life. After a 24 hour charge it can work for up to 3 weeks, and in knowing that with its patented sonic technology that it operates at 31,000 brush strokes per minute, that is a hell of a battery life. Great for travel.

Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum HX9172

Cleaning modes: Clean, White and Massage and 2 ‘routines’ GoCare for a quick 1-minute clean between regular brushings and MaxCare, which delivers a 3-minute, thorough, full-mouth clean

The HX9172 model from Philips Sonicare range is really just an amped up HX9112 with certain modifications added to the already great product. It still holds the same amount of charge, has the same amount of customizable brush heads, but this model has been upgraded with travel accessories and little features here and there for better cleaning of the brush.


  • A UV sanitizer that helps remove up to 99% of bacteria from the brush heads.
  • InterCare brush head that offers a deeper clean in the gaps between the teeth.
  • Pressure sensor

The additions to this model by way of its accessories and technology updates have made this electric toothbrush a highly sought out one. Having the charge power maintained at a 3 week hold, and the UV sanitizer keeping the brush heads clean, this seems a better option out of the two models.

What else can you do to prevent sensitive teeth?

Whilst having the right toothbrush can help you prevent further tooth sensitivity, there are some simple methods and techniques that will help fight back against the loss of enamel and will build up your teeths defences. Some of these may seem obvious to most people, but it is never a bad idea to reacquaint yourself with the basics.

  • Make sure to brush your teeth and floss at least once a day, though it would be more helpful if you could bring that up to twice a day, as this will help prevent gum loss and improve general dental hygiene.
  • Try to limit the intake of foods and drinks that are heavily acidic, or rely too much on their sugar content. Citrus fruits, soda, fruit juices.
  • Make an appointment with your dentist. The best person to talk to about dental problems should be a professional as they will have the knowledge to help cater to your personal sensitivity.


Now that we have taken you through some electric toothbrushes that vary in their care of your teeth, and have addressed some key areas in which to achieve and improve upon your own dental health, we hope that you have found this helpful and that you will soon find a way to drink some coffee and enjoy some ice-cream in peace!

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