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Are Towel Warmers Worth It? Consider These Factors First.

When deciding to buy something that costs a considerable amount of money everyone always asks themselves ‘is it worth it?’ This is especially true for products which aren’t strictly must-have items in a home, like towel warmers, for instance. But the idea of worth is a very subjective thing. Something that is good value for you may not be good value for me. So, having said that we will try to give you a structure for you to answer the necessary questions to decide for yourself whether it is worth it to buy a towel warmer.

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What makes buying something worth the price?

Amba wall-mounted towel warmer with shelf

Amba wall-mounted towel warmer with shelf

Firstly, there are a few factors to consider when deciding if something is good value for money:

  • How much joy or satisfaction the product is going to bring you i.e. the benefits
  • Your personal financial situation
  • How much you will use the product
  • The cost of alternative options

So let’s look at these in a bit more detail relating to towel warmers.

How much ‘joy’ or satisfaction are you going to get out of using a towel warmer?

Warmrails Hyde Park free-standing towel warmer

Warmrails Hyde Park free-standing towel warmer

This is basically a question about what are the benefits and what do you want out of this purchase.

Let’s look at the main ‘function’ of a towel warmer – warming your towels! Do you often come out of a hot shower, grab a towel and then get shivers when drying yourself with a cold towel? Do you love the idea of having nice toasty towel waiting for you at the end of a bath or shower? How important is it?

Towel warmers have a lot of ‘secondary’ benefits as well:

  1. They help heat up your bathroom – bathrooms can get cold, particulary during winter. Do you often find yourself dreading going to the toilet in the middle of the night or early in the morning, because it is cold in the bathroom? What about just before and directly following a bath or shower? If your bathroom is not well heated (and of course there are other ways of heating your bathroom) a towel warmer does a very good job at increasing the overall temperature within the bathroom.
  2. A towel warmer can be used to dry and warm up clothes as well – if you air dry your clothes, do you sometimes have a need to dry your clothes more quickly? A towel warmer can be used for that. You can also use the towel warmer to warm up that top or shirt just before you wear it, or for blankets and robes.


Your personal financial situation

This is probably self-explanatory. How much money do you really have to spend on this? Not just on the towel warmer itself but consider also the running costs and the installation costs. There are different towel warmers using different technology that has an impact on these costs, so you need to consider which one suits you best. Simple electric free-standing models can start around $100 but high-end specialised models will go into the thousands.


How much will you use the product?

Is this something you will be using everyday? Are you just using it for towels or other clothing? Would you use it throughout the year, outside of the winter months? What you are using the towel warmer for will dictate how often you use it. If this is something you will use regularly obviously that makes the case stronger for investing the money and time to get one.


What are the alternatives and how much do they cost?

So let’s look at the benefits we mentioned and see what the alternatives are. For warming your towels maybe you could stick the towel in a tumble dryer? That’s not ideal and it takes up a lot of electricity. For heating the bathroom there are several options like heated floors. But they are also expensive to install and maintain. There are alternatives but they can be expensive to buy and/or to maintain and ultimately they don’t do the different things that a towel warmer does.


What type of towel warmer do you want

Brookstone towel warmer review

The Brookstone towel warmer cabinet

It’s not just a decision about purchasing a towel warmer or not though. It’s also about what type of type of towel warmer you want. You can choose between hydronic and electric towel warmers. Or you can choose between wall-mounted and freestanding towel warmers. Do you want a rail-type towel warmer or or do you just need a cabinet towel warmer like the Brookstone towel warmer? There are different options with different price ranges for you to choose from. Prices range from around $150 into the thousands so the type of towel warmer you choose will dictate how much you end up spending.


Ultimately, whether towel warmers are worth the price you are paying is up to you to decide based on the factors we discussed. And even if you decide to buy one, you still need to think about which type of towel warmer works for you.

Most towel warmers are very affordable, making them a pretty good purchase. Prices start from about $130 and go up into the thousands for high-end specialised models. Towel warmers come in different models and sizes with enough variety to meet different needs and different budgets. You can read more about the different options available in our best towel warmers article. You can also find out more about towel warmer cabinets in our Brookstone towel warmer review.

Personally, I love towel warmers. Because of the different uses and benefits of towel warmers (keeping towels warm, drying clothes, heating the bathroom) you really do get a pretty good bang for your buck. Certainly if you live somewhere that can get cold at certain times of the year, the luxury of having a warm bathroom and warm towels when you need them is pretty sweet.

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