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How Do LED Shower Heads Work?

Dreamspa Aquafan Showerhead with LED-lightsThere are tons of fun novelty gadgets on the market but some even serve a functional, as well as aesthetic purpose. This is especially true when it comes to the wide range of fun and useful accessories and features you can get for your bathroom and shower. Not all of the fun and functional things you get for your bathroom have to involve an extensive remodel or tons of money being put into the project.

One inexpensive, but fun and functional feature that is gaining in popularity is the LED shower head. This makes for a unique, beautiful shower experience but also serves an important function as well. There are many different kinds of LED shower head, but the most common type is a color changing shower head that changes color in response to changes in the water temperature. Certain models may vary slightly in terms of the colors and temperature but generally they cycle between blue, green and red, indicating how warm the water is.

Additionally there are LED shower heads that serve a more aesthetic function. That is, they simply have colored lights that display while the shower is running, changing colors at regular intervals (on some shower heads you can determine how often you would like the color to change, others come with on basic speed).

Either way, both types of LED lights are great for bringing some added ambience to your shower. And as you will read below they are even environmentally friendly!

So how do shower LED lights work?

These shower heads do not require batteries and seem to operate as if by magic. They are, in fact, water powered. Inside what appears to be a traditional shower head, you will find a small mechanical engine that operates much like a water wheel. There is a tiny turbine within the shower head that is connected to a three phase rectifier, which, in turn, is connected to a series of wires which deliver the power needed to run the LED lights. Simply put, the water you use for your shower also powers the lights in the shower. So no batteries and no electricity needed, a very environmentally friendly solution.

There are different levels of design quality, so it helps to do some research when looking for a high quality LED shower head. A poorly designed shower head will not have the proper water tight seals that are needed for waterproofing and thus the internal components of the tiny generator will corrode over time and stop working. A solid, well built shower head will provide years of efficient and effective operation, making them well worth the money if you are looking to visually enhance your shower experience.


Is this a bit of a gimmick? Maybe so, but shower heads with LED lights won’t break the bank. They typically cost anywhere between $15 and £40 depending on the quality. LED color changing shower heads are a fun, efficient, and affordable way to add color and a nice mood to your shower experience. They can also be functional, letting you know visually the temperature of the water at any given time. If you think you might want to purchase one check out our post with reviews of LED shower heads.

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    Which light is good for eyes CFL or LED?

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