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Best Bathtub Caddy Trays – Reading and Relaxing During Your Bath

Woman reading magazine in the bath

Holding your book and keeping it dry can be tricky.

Many of us like to take a nice, relaxing, hot bath at the end of a long day. A glass of wine, a good book, or even music from our smart phone can really make the experience all the more relaxing and soothing. However, there is danger in trusting that your wine glass or device will be safe perched on the edge of the tub. Nothing makes a relaxing experience, well, stressful, like dropping a book or device into your bath water! Bathtub trays are a great solution for this. Whether you prefer classic wooden bathtub trays or more modern looks, bathtub caddy trays for reading, playing music and perching your drink on help ensure your bath remains relaxing and stress-free.

Comparing Bathtub trays

While they all kind of look the same, if you read more carefully when reviewing bathtub trays, you might want to keep the following in mind when comparing your options.

Material – You can find stunning bathtub trays that are constructed of solid wood or bamboo. You can also find more modern style trays made from stainless steel. What you choose is really dependent on your decorating style. All of these materials make for fine bathtub trays but the material and basic design can be a way to bring in your personal style.

Size – Most bathtub trays are adjustable and can fit any bathtub size. If for any reason they have a fixed size though, make sure it’s right for your bathtub.

Holders – What do you want to use the tray for? There are trays in many different styles and designs. Will you be using the tray to hold books? Drinks? Devices? Glasses? Some trays are slotted and some have a solid bottom. You want to ensure that you choose a style that can safely and stably hold the desired items without fear of them falling into your bath water.

AZT Plus Luxury Organic Bamboo Bathtub Tray

This is a high quality, affordable bamboo bathtub tray that features adjustable slots that allow you to safely and securely hold your favorite items while you enjoy a nice bath. It features a cloth back that can be used to prop up a book or even a smart phone or tablet. It is made from environmentally-friendly organic bamboo, giving you the peace of mind that you made a sustainable purchase.


  • Adjustable slots
  • Angle adjustments
  • Sturdy construction


Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

The Royal Craft bathtub tray is made from sturdy, durable, and environmentally-friendly bamboo wood. It is adjustable, making it the perfect tray for a variety of devices of all different shapes and sizes. It allows you to easily have a drink and a device safely installed while in the tub really amplifying your experience.  This bathtub tray is made of bamboo wood which is known to be stronger than steel and more durable than oak.


  • Sides can be adjusted to up to 43”
  • Soap holder included
  • Eco-friendly construction


Nature Gear Bamboo Premium Luxury Bathtub Tray

This bathtub tray is another excellent option if you are looking for a bathtub tray that can easily be adjusted and that is suitable for use with a range of different things, from drinks to tablets, to books. The tray provides a safe and secure holding mechanism by which you can easily read, watch, and play while you enjoy a soak in the tub.


  • Two-sided tablet and book holder
  • Durable bamboo construction
  • Removable bamboo pegs are designed to keep book pages in place


Luxe Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

This is another great bathtub tray that has a few more features than some of the ones we have described above. The Luxe tray comes with a drink holder that can easily hold a wineglass, tumbler, or even a small bottle of soda. It has multiple grooves that allow you to have your book or device in the perfect angle and position for your needs.


  • Comes with a drink holder
  • Reading rack for safe book or tablet storage


Mia Home Folding Bathtub Tray

This bathtub tray is quite a bit different from the other models we have reviewed. With this tray, you actually get a folding tray that covers a good length of the bathtub. This allows you to keep your water warmer for longer, yet the tray does not get hot in the process. You have more space to place things on although there are specific no specific ‘holders’. Because these aren’t adjustable, they come in different sizes – 27.5 x 43 inch, 30 x 29 inch, 30 x 43 inch.


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Large space to place things on
  • Helps keep water warmer for longer



A bathtub tray is an excellent way to really enhance your bath time experience. Mainly, it ensures that your bath remains truly relaxing because it removes the hassle of figuring out where to put (or balance) your stuff. If you take regular baths and you read or watch your tablet during your bath, go get one. They are cheap and they really make a big difference.

Oh and if you’re a DIY king or queen, you can even try building one yourself!


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