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Best Sounding Shower Speakers

UE Wonderboom bluetooth speakerShower speakers are great if you love singing in the shower. And there are lots of shower speakers on the market to choose from. But showers are a noisy environment and it can be easy for the speaker sound to be drowned out by the shower noise. It’s important to think about the quality of the sound, so we’ve done some research to help you think about what to look for and how to find the best sounding shower speaker.

Gauging sound quality

The best way to really judge sound quality is to listen to your favourite music on the speakers you are considering. Obviously, that isn’t feasible most of the time, but you can glean some information from speaker specifications.

If you start to google how to judge speaker sound quality (not necessarily for showers) you can end up getting lost in a black hole of information about audio. It’s very technical and complicated to say the least. There are lots of different things to consider. You will read about frequency response, frequency range, total harmonic distortion, decibels, watts and more.

Generally what people want from a good speaker is sound that fills the room and has a deep bass, a clear treble, and a rich ‘middle range’.


The speaker’s power is measured in watt. And it is a measure of the energy output, so generally this is about how loud the speaker can get. How loud a speaker can be is important in a noisy shower environment but loudness is not the only factor to consider.

Frequency response

Frequency response describes the range of audible frequencies the speaker can reproduce between 20 Hz (deep bass) and 20,000 Hz (a piercingly high frequency), which is considered the range of human hearing. In reality, our hearing does not typically extend up to 20 kHz (especially as we get older), and bass frequencies below 30 Hz tend to be felt more than heard. Generally the larger the frequency response range, the better.

Shower speakers vs other Bluetooth speakers

While there are various ‘dedicated’ shower speakers on the market, you don’t necessarily have to have a shower speaker to play music in the bathroom. Many bluetooth speakers are actually water-resistant these days as they are designed to be used outdoors – on the beach, by the pool, etc. The main advantage of dedicated shower speakers over other Bluetooth speakers is that they usually have a suction cup which allows you to  have the speaker with you in the shower. Considering the shower noise, this is a consideration when talking about sound quality.

VicTsing Shower Speaker

Victsing shower speaker

This is a water-resistant shower speaker with IPX4. It comes with a suction cup and an alloy hook that provides easy attachment. The VicTsing Shower Speaker is compatible with several Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones, iPhone, iPods, music players, and tablets.

It is one of the more powerful dedicated shower speakers produces with a power of 5 watts and  good frequency response of 120Hz to 22KHz. It supports the A2DP Bluetooth profile which defines how high quality stereo audio can be streamed from one device to another over a Bluetooth connection

Some other features of the VicTsing Shower Speaker:

  • 6 hours playback
  • Built-in mic
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • Bluetooth range of 30 feet

Hydro-Beat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Hydro-beat shower speakers

The multi-purpose Hydro-Beat shower speaker offers several cool features. It is IPX7 waterproof so it’s submergible – bring it the pool and don’t worry about dropping it in the bath.  It has some cool LED lights – great for those outdoor parties.

The 4Ω5W Output speaker has been engineered to deliver maximum volume with an added Sub Woofer to deliver extra bass.

Some features:

  • 10 multi-colored LED mood lights with fixed color or scrolling option
  • Suction cup that can easily adhere to the shower wall
  • audio playback time of 8 hours
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of up to 30ft.

BassPal Bluetooth Speaker

Basspal shower speaker

This multi-purpose shower speaker is IPX7 waterproof so can be submerged in water. For this reason, it’s not just useful for the shower but also for outdoor use, by the pool, by the beach.

It has great stereo sound with powerful bass and a solid frequency response 120Hz-22 KHz, so you can expect to enjoy clear bass-rich music in any environment.


  • Advanced Bluetooth technology.
  • Suction cup that provides strong adherence.
  • High audio sound quality.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • It’s fully waterproof, dustproof, scratch proof, and shockproof.

UE Wonderboom

UE Wonderboom bluetooth speaker

We mentioned it’s not just about dedicated shower speakers. Most Bluetooth speakers are water-resistant to a degree these days and there are some solid speakers with powerful outputs. The UE Wonderboom is a super-portable Bluetooth speaker with surprisingly big sound – clear, crisp, and full of big, beautiful bass. It has true 360-degree sound.

Being IP67 it is dustproof and totally submergible so also great for parties and outdoor use. Battery life is great compared to dedicated shower speakers, lasting about 10 hours at moderate listening levels.

The UE Wonderboom isn’t as cheap as the dedicated shower speakers but in terms of value for money when it comes to sound quality, it is a great option.

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