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How to Listen to Music in the Shower

How to listen to music in the shower

Some people do their best thinking in the shower. And other people do their best grooving and crooning while getting cleaned up. I remember back in the day when your only option was to get one of those analog shower radios. These days there are way more options, mainly because of technology. Here we list what we think are the 6 best ways to listen to music in the shower.

Shower Head Speakers

What better way to integrate music into your shower experience than by having speakers that are installed directly in the shower head itself? There are a range of different product lines, such as the Kohler Moxie Showerhead that actually come with preinstalled speakers in the head. Shower heads like these have wireless Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to easily sync your phone or tablet with the speakers. These are a great way to have a high quality means of listening to music while getting cleaned up, but they are purpose built and can be a bit pricey.

Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Waterproof Bluetooth shower speakers are another cost-effective way to bring your favorite music to the shower or bath tub with you. There are a wide range of wireless speaker systems on the market that can be installed in your shower or near your bath tub. These generally have Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that you can easily and quickly sync the speakers to your tablet, computer, or phone, and use the device to use your favorite music app or streaming service to listen to music, even in the shower or while taking a hot bath.

Shower Radios

This is not a particularly new concept, as there have been waterproof and shower appropriate radios on the market for awhile. Be that as it may, this is still an effective way of being able to listen to music in the shower. There are newer radio options out there that allow you to connect to your favorite satellite radio stations. These don’t have as much utility as the other options that we review here as not many people listen to local radio.

Waterproof Headphones

Though often designed with swimmers in mind, there are actually quite a few different options when it comes to waterproof headphones. These are well suited for use in any water-based environment, whether it is a pool or the bath tub. Most of these waterproof headphones are Bluetooth connected and wireless, allowing you to easily connect the headphones to your phone or tablet, making it simple to bring your music with you everywhere you go. The versatility of these headphones makes them a great option, as they are perfectly well suited to being used as all purpose everyday headphones.

Waterproof Base for Cell Phones

There are also waterproof bases and docks that come with waterproof bags that allow you to safely dock your phone in the shower with worrying about it getting wet and ruined in the process. These bases will have speakers already installed in them.

Ziplock Bags

You can always try the old phone and speaker in a ziplock bag as a means of having music in the shower. This is a bit of a risky option as it is not entirely waterproof and there is no guarantee that your phone or speakers will not get wet. But you can place it next to the shower on the floor or something and it should be fine. This is probably the easiest lowest cost option here.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can safely and easily listen to music in the shower. Whether you get a purpose built shower head that has speakers already installed in the head itself, or choose one of the range of waterproof options that let you bring music with you, even in the shower, you will be stoked to have music with you in this relaxing and rejuvenating environment. And another thing – it’s not just about listening to music. You can listen to podcasts, audiobooks and even have phone conversations (if the speaker has a mic) over these devices too!

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