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Listening to Music in the Shower With Headphones

Shower speakers are one way of bringing music into the shower, but if you live with other people, you may not want to bother others with you blasting music through the bathroom door. Or maybe you are just embarrassed about listening to those classic boy bands? J One other issue with shower speakers is that unless they are relatively powerful speakers, the sound can be drowned out by the noisy shower.

The good news is that these days there are tons of waterproof headphones on the market that you can use in the shower. Most are designed for outdoor use (to combat rain) but there are also earphones specifically designed to work for swimming. But all can be used for the shower as well, so these earphones can potentially serve different purposes for you.

How waterproof is waterproof?

So “waterproof-ness” is measured using the IP (Ingress Protocol) rating. This rating describes the level of protection of the product against liquids. For shower use we recommend a minimum of Level 5 for earphones:

  • 5 – protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions
  • 6 – protected against high pressure jets of water (use on ship deck)
  • 7 – protected against the effects of immersion between 15cm and 1m

So an IPX5 resistant earphone (the first digit/letter indicates level of protection against foreign bodies like dust) means the earphone is protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions, which is good enough for a shower. All the earphones we review here are at least IPX5

Bluetooth connectivity

Some devices require you to transfer the music to small playing device connected to the earphones. This is how it typically works for swimming earbuds. But earphones with Bluetooth connectivity are probably preferable so that you can just stream the music from your phone.


Think about controls – if you have controls on the headphones it will help you remotely skip, pause, and play your music.

Elegiant Mini Bluetooth Earbuds

Elegiant waterproof earphones

What feels a must when it comes to using headphones in the shower is a bluetooth enabled device, so that your phone or laptop are out of the way but still very much audible. So starting with the Elegiant mini earbuds is the way to go.

As they are compatible with most common bluetooth devices and are made with IPX5 water protection technology, the price tag is already quite an attractive one without all the added touches making these headphones sleek and easy to use.


  • Touch control on the side of the earpiece. Switching the earbuds On/Off, pressing Play/Pause, or Call/End Call, made simple.
  • The IPX water protection materials keep the earbuds sweat, water, and rainproof, so the shower is no hurdle.


  • Comes with no wires making losing an earbud high possibility if you are not careful.

What do Amazon reviews say: the reviews found on Amazon are extremely positive toward this product. All vearing closer to the four-five star region of satisfaction. The charger that comes with the earbuds is in the form of a power bank so it charging is quick and hassle free, and the bluetooth capability is far reaching.

Swimbuds Flex Waterproof Headphones

Swimbuds waterproof headphones for shower

These headphones are specifically designed for – that’s right, you guessed it – swimming, making them the go to headphones when you are looking for a set that is specifically waterproof. The price tag does leave a lot to be desired – coming in at £70 – but it is well worth what you are paying for. They have four separate earbud styles to choose from, to fit and suit all. Keep changing and to see which of these is the best fit for you.


  • Different earbud sizes to choose from
  • Uses third generation Hydobeat™ sound. Refined and perfected for underwater use.


  • Not Bluetooth enabled. Needs to connect to a waterproof device to work, preferably a waterproof smart watch.

What do Amazon reviews say: The Amazon reviews for this item are close to 100% positive, claiming that the Swimbuds are the perfect earphones for their lengths in the pool, so this would be the perfect buy for shower use.

Mindkoo Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Mindkoo wireless headphones for the shower

The Mindkoo waterproof headphones are probably the best on this list for their pristine sound quality. Thanks to the CVC 6.0 noise cancelling technology isolates the sound and the HiFi stereo sound is streamed to the headphones from your device with ease. These are very lightweight and hidden, using Bluetooth to connect to your music device. The package includes three sets of earplugs to help you find the one that fits you best.


  • Built-in magnet to keep the wires tidy when out of use
  • Great sound
  • Designed for a snug fit within your ear with three ear tips (S, M, L) to suit all ear types

What do Amazon reviews say: Reviews of these headphones have been very positive to regards to the comfort of the ear pieces and the minimal controls that keep everything in check. Distance is a bit of an issue, but if your device is merely in the next room, no bother will come to your listening experience.

Beleen Bluetooth Headphones

The cheapest headphones found on this list, but by no means the least impressive when it comes to your waterproofed headphone needs. A year warranty, 100% money back guarantee if there seems to be a problem, with a 240 hour stand-by power mode, makes the Beleen headphones hard to beat.


  • CVC 6.0 noise cancelling technology hones focus to your music, and the 4.1 bluetooth CSR technology keeps it streaming at a steady quality.
  • Lithium polymer battery allows for up to 8 hours of seamless listening time (if your showers are known to be this long, this is a great plus for you).
  • Cheap!

What Amazon reviews say: Reviews of this product have been somewhat of a mixed bag, as having a full money back guarantee will always mean that someone is willing to test out that fact for its legitimacy. All in all though these are a great set of headphones for shower, exercise, to everyday use.


As you can see there are several different options for using headphones in the shower. Generally there are two types of headphones that can help – underwater earphones for swimming or outdoor headphones typically used for physical activity where it can get wet – outdoors, in the rain and with sweat. And remember, headphones aren’t your only option –  there are other ways to enjoy music in the shower, including using dedicated shower speakers.




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