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Shower Heads With Speakers and Lights – Combining Music and Color Therapy in the Shower

Dreamspa showerhead with lightsFor many people taking a shower at the end of the day is the ultimate way to wind down and relax. With technology there are now other things you can introduce into your shower to make it an even better experience. Shower radios have been around a while but with Bluetooth technology you can stream your music from your device straight to your bathroom. And with increasing interest in chromatherapy, or color therapy, you can now also use lights to lighten the mood while showering. In this article we look at some of your options for introducing music and mood lights into your shower using shower heads, shower speakers or a combination of both.

Unfortunately it is actually quite hard to find shower heads that do both speakers and LED lights at the same time. They usually do one or the other. In fact we could only find one shower head that does both, the ThermaSol Rainhead, but it is very expensive – more about that later.

But don’t worry there are other ways to combine music and lighting in the shower – essentially you have these 3 options:

  • Use shower speakers that have LED lights
  • Use a combination of shower heads/speakers/lights to combine music and lighting properly
  • the ThermaSol Rainhead

Showerheads with LED lights

These shower heads omit colored LED lights, depending on the temperature. The power is generated by the running of the water, so no batteries or wiring needed. These don’t have speakers so you would have to combine this with shower speakers. For a more extensive list of shower heads with LED lights you can visit our Shower Heads That Light up and Change Colors post.

Speakers: No
LED lights: Yes

Shower speakers with LED lights

There are actually some shower speakers that have LED lights built in. These would actually provide both the speaker functionality and the lights, although the lights may not be as powerful as some of the other options.

Speakers: Yes
LED lights: Yes

Shower head speakers

Bluetooth-enabled shower head speakers can be synced to your phone, tablet, laptop, or other device. The speaker even pops out of the shower head, allowing you to use it as a wireless speaker in other applications as well. The most popular and high quality model is the Kohler Moxie Shower head and Speaker. Since these only fulfil your speakers needs, you would need to combine this with LED lights, maybe something like dimmable colored ceiling downlight lamps.

Speakers: Yes
LED Lights: No

More about Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Speaker

Kohler Moxie Shower head and speaker

Kohler is a well known and trusted brand that makes a wide range of different high end fixtures for bathroom and kitchens. Their Moxie Shower head and Wireless Speaker is impressive fixture that gives you good sound quality and can connect with your device up to 32 feet away. A lithium battery provides on average seven hours of playtime. Re-docking the speaker capsule is simple, using a strong magnet located in the dock’s base to maintain a secure hold.

The sprayface features 60 angled nozzles to deliver a full, enveloping spray.  It’s silicone build makes it easy to wipe away mineral buildup.

It isn’t cheap but if you are looking for quality from a trusted brand this is a good option. You can read customer reviews and purchase the Moxie Showerhead on Amazon.

ThermaSol Rainhead

For the ultra high end experience, the Rainhead shower head by ThermaSol is the ultimate in luxury. These are expensive and sophisticated shower heads that require installation and are not the kind of shower head that can just be added to an existing fixture connector.

It features a wide range of different water pressure and configuration settings. It also features enhanced chromotherapy. Additionally, it features a wall unit that allows you to easily control every aspect of your shower, including piping in your favorite music. It features a Bluetooth enabled interface, or you can use one of the two RCA audio inputs.

Speakers: Yes
LED Lights: Yes

These go for over $3000 and require a lot of installation. You can read more about the ThermaSol Rainhead on the Thermasol website.


As you can see combining speaker and mood lights into your shower or bathroom is not that straightforward. There isn’t one product that does it all perfectly (except the pricey ThermaSol Rainhead), so you may want to combine two different products to do this. Good luck and I hope you find the right combination that works for you!

If you have already purchased your new shower head, you can read our post How to Change A Shower Head to learn about how to replace it yourself.

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  1. Patrick November 21, 2017 at 2:55 pm #

    Too cool. Lights and sound in the shower definitely falls in the I don’t need it but I WANT it category. Now if only I can convince the wife…
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