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Shower Heads That Light Up and Change Colors

Aquafan Showerhead with LED lightsIn the past few years, there has been a spate of fun new technologies designed to make showers more interesting. Perhaps the most unique and innovative shower enhancement are shower heads that light up and change color, taking advantage of what is often called chromatherapy, or color therapy. These are shower heads that have a set of lights, most often LED, some of which even change colors during the course of your shower. Shower heads with LED lights add a fun and relaxing atmosphere to your shower.

Shower heads with LED lights are generally pretty affordable – most are somewhere between  $15 and $40. But there are a few features which set them apart, and which are worth keeping  in mind when making comparisons.

Shower settings

Shower heads come either with one type of spray setting or several that you can easily switch between. These different settings can include things like rainfall, mist, massage, pulsing, wide and narrow stream, and even a water-saving trickle for the environmentally-conscious. There are also rain shower heads which have become popular in recent years – these are large, flat shower heads that spread the water over a larger surface area, reducing the amount of water pressure but providing a feeling like rain falling on you (hence the name).

While the choice of shower head and setting may have an impact on water pressure, low water pressure to your home  will have an effect on any shower head. If this is an issue, you should speak to your plumber.

LED light colors

You will want to decide how many different color options you want, as well as how much variability you have in the options for  the speed of color-changing. There are shower heads that are but a single solid color, and those that cycle between lots of different colors and the speed with which they cycle through may also be variable as well. Those that remain a single color are sometimes designed to reflect a certain color depending on the temperature of the water. This is also a way for you to see if it’s ok to jump in without having to feel the water temperature with your hand. Other shower heads simply cycle through the different colors with set time limits. If you aren’t familiar with LED lights, they are commonly used energy-saving lights because they use little energy and last a long time.

DreamSpa AquaFan 12-inch All-Chrome Rainfall LED Shower Head with Color-Changing Temperature Display

Dreamspa Aquafan Showerhead with LED-lights

The company DreamSpa makes the AquaFan all-chrome rainfall color-changing shower head. This is a top of the line shower head that features a sleek chrome design, rainfall style water spray, and the shower has an LED display that changes color depending on the temperature of the water. The display also displays the actual temperature of the water.

The AquaFan includes:

  • 12” curved fan design
  • heavy duty plastic with all chrome plating construction
  • switches between four different colors, depending on water temperature
  • wide, high pressure rainfall setting
  • comes with a limited 1-year warranty

Read reviews or find out more on Amazon.

PowerLead SH001 Bathroom Temperature Sensor 3 Color-Changing LED Overhead Shower Head

PowerLead 3 Color-Changing LED Overhead Shower Head

This is another great option for a wide head with a rainfall design and water pressure setting. It is a large, over-sized shower head that fits most standard connections that features a modern design and chrome finish. Installation is tool and hassle free and there no batteries needed.

  • Incredibly easy to install, requiring no tools and meets the international standard size meaning that there are no modifications needed to connect the shower head.
  • Shower head provides a wide stream of high pressure water for a spa-like shower experience

This shower head features:

  • 8” wide head square design
  • chrome finish
  • changes between four different LED colored lights depending on water temperature
  • rainfall water pressure setting
  • comes with 1 year limited warranty

PowerSpa Luminex Color-Changing Shower Head

Powerspa Luminex color changing showerhead

This is a popular and unique option that provides a beautiful shower experience that is unmatched by most other color-changing shower heads. The shower head is a standard size and does not require batteries for the color-changing lights to operate. The shower head features an Air Jet design that maximizes your water pressure, without wasting a ton of water in the process.

  • The shower head features 7 different colors that change automatically every few seconds, regularly cycling through the full color offerings
  • The shower head features four different water pressure settings: rain, massage, rain/massage mix, and water-saving economy

The shower head features:

  • chrome plated construction
  • 7 different color options that gradually, automatically cycle through
  • four different water pressure settings
  • Supercharged Turbine Air Jet design for maximum water pressure
  • comes with a 1 year limited warranty

MagicBuds Bathroom Shower Head Multicolor

MagicBuds multicolor showerhead

The MagicBuds color-changing shower head is unique among the bunch we review here in that it features a handheld feature, allowing you to direct the spray as you wish manually. It fits most standard shower heads and features automatic color-changing between 7 different colors, with no need for batteries or any sort of electricity sources.

  • The shower head automatically circulates between 7 different colored LED lights whenever the there is water flow.
  • The shower head is made from high quality ABS plastic, made to last.

The shower head features:

  • standard sized shower head
  • made from ABS plastic that is anti-corrosive, durable, and lightweight
  • automatically switches between 7 different colors when water pressure is detected
  • requires no battery or power supply

PowerSpa 4-inch LED Handheld Shower Head

PowerSpa 4-inch LED Handheld Shower Head

This is another great option from the trusted brand PowerSpa. It is a handheld shower head that has a classic chrome finish. The shower head is easy to install and requires no batteries or power source to operate.

  • The shower had boasts Supercharged Turbine LED, Air Jet technology which provides a wide, high pressure water pressure, without clogging, and can be used as a standard shower head or as a handheld spraying device.
  • The shower head is one of the only color-changing shower heads that is also handheld. It switches between 7 colors automatically, changing every few seconds.

The handheld shower head features:

  • 4” round design, handheld capabilities
  • chrome finish on the shower head face
  • automatically color-changing between 7 different colors at a speed of a new color every few seconds
  • high power 3-zone dial
  • comes with a 1 year limited warranty


A shower head that lights up and changes colors is a fun way to add an element of relaxation and unique beauty to your bathroom atmosphere. There are tons of different color-changing shower heads that range in the number of different colors, speed options, and even other added features.

Replacing most shower heads is relatively simple and you can do it yourself. You unscrew the old shower head with an adjustable wrench, and then remove the old plumber’s tape and excess materials. Apply new tape over the threads for a good seal and then screw the new shower head in place. You can read our article How to change a shower head for a more detailed explanation.



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