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Best Digital Bathroom Scales

Digital Scale for measuring weight

It’s pretty normal these days to upgrade your old school mechanical weight scale to something modern – a digital bathroom scale. But before you start researching scales and getting lost in all the fancy new models on the market, you should ask yourself two essential questions first.

  1. Am I interested in just measuring my weight (and maybe BMI) or do I also want to keep track of other metrics like body fat percentage, bone mass, lean mass and water content?
  2. Do I mind manually tracking things in a notebook or a fitness app or do I want my scale to automatically sync data with my health and fitness apps?

This will really help you save time and guide your thinking as you research and compare the best digital bathroom scales.  There are so many options for digital scales and most articles on the internet will just lump everything together. This can be confusing, and when I was first researching scales to buy for myself, I was going around in circles. This matrix below helps to illustrate what I am trying to say, and where you should start.

What do you want to measure?
  I just want to measure weight (and maybe BMI) I want to measure body fat percentage, body mass and/or other metrics
How do you want to use your fitness app(s)? I don’t use fitness apps and if I do, I am happy to manually update them with data. 1. You need  a simple ‘non-smart’ scale that just measures weight (generally $20-$30) 2. You need a ‘non-smart’ scale that measures body composition (also known as body fat analysers or body composition scales).


I want my digital scale to sync with my fitness apps and automatically update them. 3. You need a smart scale that measures weight (and BMI) but nothing else.



4. You need a smart scale that measures body composition (also known as body fat analysers or body composition scales).


If you fall into categories 3 or 4, then that means you definitely want a smart scale. Whether you are looking to just weigh yourself or measure additional things like body fat percentage, you are into your fitness app(s) and you want the scale to update those apps without any fuss. We have a separate post that looks at the best smart scales on the market, so if this is what you are looking for you will find what you need there.

Since we have a separate article for smart scales, this post will focus on non-smart digital  bathroom scales. Now, they aren’t actually referred to as ‘non-smart’ but I am just making that distinction to clarify what we are covering in this post.

Differences between smart and ‘non-smart’ digital bathroom scales

Advantages of non-smart scales:

  • They are cheaper than smart scales
  • They are much easier to set up – just stick in the batteries, turn it on and you are ready to go

Advantage of smart scales

  • You can sync up the scale with your fitness app(s), allowing you to track and monitor your fitness goals over time

Features to compare

These are the kinds of features you should consider when comparing digital bathroom scales:

What do you want to measure – Are you just interested in measuring your weight/BMI, or do you also want to measure body fat percentage and other advanced metrics. If it’s the latter you are spending a bit more money.

Style/look – Obviously you want a scale that suits your taste and fits your bathroom.

Maximum weight – All scales have a maximum weight they can take, typically around 350-400 pounds. If you are very overweight this may play into your decision.


6 Great Digital Bathroom Scales

EatSmart Precision Digital Scale



Innotech High Accuracy Digital Bathroom Scale

Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale


Internet’s Best Bamboo Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Internet’s Best Bamboo Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale


Balance Silicone Digital Bathroom Scale

Balance Silicone Digital Bathroom Scale


Omron Body Composition Monitor and Scale HBF-510W

Omron Body Composition Monitor and scale


Taylor Precision Products Digital Body Fat Analyzer Scale

Taylor Digital Body Fat Analyzer Scale


Balance Digital Body Fat Scale

Balance High Accuracy Digital Body Fat Scale




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