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Smart Scales Compatible with Apple Health

Apple Health compatible scalesWhen choosing  a smart scale for your home, the single most important consideration you need to consider is what your preferred health and fitness tracking app is or is going to be. While there are other features to take into account smart scales generally work the same, and the specific features that set them apart are not huge deal-breakers. Apple Health is one of the most popular health apps out there and if this is your preferred app I have listed what I think are your best options for Apple Health-compatible scales.

What is Apple Health?

Apple Health screenshot

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The fitness and health tracking market has grown significantly over the last few years and there are now huge numbers of devices and apps that measure and track everything you can think of related to health. This make things complex with data sitting on different systems and devices. Apple Health wants to be the go-to app for health. It is designed to integrate with numerous apps and systems to collect and display your data in one place, giving you a clear, comprehensive picture of your health.

Before we go through some of the options for a smart scale that integrates with Apple Health, these are some of the features you will want to consider when choosing a smart scale:

Metrics – do you just want to measure weight and BMI or other advanced metrics like body fat percentage, body mass, water mass etc?

Bluetooth or Wifi – do you have a reliable Wifi connection in your bathroom? If not, the scale needs to have Bluetooth connectivity

Top 3 smart scales compatible with Apple Health


Qardiobase smart scale

Qardiobase is a product of the company Qardio. Qardio work with doctors, patients and healthcare providers to create various products to promote and maintain good health. You can tell from the name a lot of these products are heart-related. Their full body composition smart scale is called Qardiobase and it has sleek modern look with a unique visual feedback providing a happy, neutral or sad face depending on your previous measurements. It’s a small but personal touch that adds to the design. It takes 8 AAA batteries to run which is a lot more than normal.  The smaller base design of the scale however makes it a bit wobbly so you need to be careful when stepping on it.

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  • Full body composition metrics
  • Unique and personal display feedback
  • Minimalistic modern look
  • dedicated mode for moms-to-be, allowing them to track weekly progress and add pictures to their numbers.


  • Needs 8 AAA batteries
  • Smaller base of the scale means you need to be careful when stepping on it

Connectivity: Wifi and bluetooth
Number of users: Multiple users
Metrics tracked: Weight, BMI, Body fat %, Bone,
Batteries: 8 AA batteries

>>Read customer reviews about Qardiobase on Amazon<<

iHealth Lite

iHealth Lite Smart scale with app

The iHealth Lite is made by iHealth Labs whose line of products include blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, body analysis scales, pulse oximeters and activity trackers. They cover a whole range of health products not just fitness. The iHealth Lite doesn’t measure lots metrics and instead sticks to the basics – weight and BMI. It has a sleek mimimalist style that fits in any bathroom. It doesn’t integrate with as many 3rd party apps as the other scales but it does with Apple Health so if thats your health app of choice, the iHealth Lite is a great and affordable option.

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Connectivity: Bluetooth
Number of users: up to 20
Metrics tracked: Weight, BMI
Batteries: 4 AAA batteries


  • Syncs directly to Apple Health
  • Affordable
  • Sleek, modern design


  • No Wifi capability
  • Only measure weight and BMI

As an alternative to the iHealth Lite, there is also the iHealth Core. The iHealth Core has wifi capability and has full body composition tracking functionality, measuring weight, BMI, Body fat %, Body water, Lean Mass, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, Visceral fat rating, Daily calorie intake. In other words, same sleek design but with more functionality (and slightly higher price). Read more about iHealth Core on Amazon.


Fitbit Aria

Fitbit aria smart scale

You will surely have heard of Fitbit, the leading activity tracker company on the market. The Fitbit Aria scale is integrated with many 3rd party apps but unfortunately does not sync directly with Apple Health. This can be resolved with another app called Sync Solver which costs $2.99.  If you are using other Fitbit products this scale fits nicely into that eco-system. The scale can track trends over time which is handy.

>>Read customer reviews about Fitbit Aria on Amazon<<

Connectivity: Wifi
Number of users: up to 8
Metrics tracked: Weight, BMI, Lean Mass, Body Fat Percentage
Batteries: 4 AA batteries


  • Up to 8 users with auto-recognition
  • Integrated with a wide variety of 3rd party apps
  • Tracks trends over time


  • Doesnt sync directly with Apple Health
  • Only wifi, no Bluetooth connectivity


All of these options are solid options for scales compatible with Apple Health. They all have their own unique pros and cons and I hope you will find one that suits your requirements.

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