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Smart Scales Compatible with S Health (Samsung Health)

S Health logoS Health (short for Samsung Health) is the all-in-one health and fitness app for Samsung phones. It’s a popular app similar to Apple Health. If you are fan of this app and are thinking of buying a smart wifi scale that you can sync with your Samsung phone and S Health data, then there a few things to consider. Before you start thinking about what metrics you want to measure and how you want it to look, the first step is to ensure that you are looking for smart scales that are actually compatible with S Health.

About S Health

S Health is the official Samsung app that tracks various metrics around your health and fitness. This includes your food and drink intake, all your physical activity and even your sleep patterns. It aims to be your one-stop shop for health and fitness information and it has partnered with various fitness apps to integrate with.

S Health screenshot for your smart scale

S Health screenshot

Since Samsung does not have smart scale of their own, the first thing you need to do when shopping around for smart scale is to ensure it is compatible with S Health. By ‘compatible’ what this means is that the ‘native app’ of the smart scale is partnered with S Health and can exchange information with it. For instance, the popular Withings Body Smart Scale will always in the first instance send the data (via wifi or Bluetooth) to your Withings account. And then as long as your Withings account is synced with S Health, the data will then be transferred to your S Health account. Now, not all health apps sync with S Health which is why you need to do some research first. Good thing we have done some for you! You can be assured that all the smart scales listed here indeed do work with S Health.

By the way, S Health was recently officially rebranded to “Samsung Health” and now has an “Ask the Experts” feature.

Other features to consider

Once you’ve established the scale’s ‘native app’ is indeed compatible with S Health you will also want to consider some other features:

  • Metrics – do you just want to measure weight and BMI or other advanced metrics like body fat percentage, body mass, water mass etc?
  • Bluetooth or Wifi – do you have a reliable Wifi connection in your bathroom? If not, better to get a scale with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Style – How large do you want the display to be? Do you like a minimalist look?
  • Price – the price can vary depending mainly on the brand, but also which metrics are available.

Top 3 smart scales for S Health (Samsung Health) users

iHealth Lite or iHealth Core

iHealth Lite smart scale with appThe iHealth Lite and iHealth Core are made by iHealth Labs whose line of products include blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, body analysis scales, pulse oximeters and activity trackers. They cover a whole range of health products not just fitness. They have a sleek mimimalist style that fits in any bathroom. These smart scales don’t integrate with as many 3rd party apps as the other scales but they do integrate with S Health so that’s all that counts here! The iHealth Lite doesn’t measure lots metrics and instead sticks to the basics – weight and BMI. The iHealth Core covers a lot more metrics and also supports Wifi connectivity so it costs a bit more. But both are good value for money, particularly the iHealth Lite.

>>Find out more about iHealth Lite on Amazon<<


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (iHealth Core also has Wifi connectivity)
  • Number of users: up to 20
  • Metrics tracked: Weight, BMI (iHealth Core covers many other metrics)
  • Batteries: 4 AAA batteries


  • Affordable
  • Sleek, modern design


  • No Wifi capability (iHealth Core does have Wifi)
  • Only measure weight and BMI (iHealth Core

You can read customer reviews and purchase an iHealth Lite or iHealth Core on Amazon.

As an alternative the iHealth Core has wifi capability and is a full body composition tracking functionality, measuring weight, BMI, Body fat %, Body water, Lean Mass, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, Visceral fat rating, Daily calorie intake.

Withings Body

Withings Body smart scale with appWithings Body is the next-generation smart scale from Withings that uses new technology for more accurate weight readings. The native app for the scale, Health Mate, is pretty comprehensive, but it is compatible with S Health, able to sync all the data across. I do like the trend screen which shows the previous 8 weigh-ins, so you can immediately see what your progress is like. If you use the Wifi connectivity it even gives a daily weather report so that you can “plan your outfit and day’s activities.” Interesting, but probably a bit of a novelty! Overall, this smart scale has interesting features and advanced metrics. It comes in white or black.

>>Read more about Withings Body on Amazon<<


  • Connectivity: Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Number of users: up to 8
  • Metrics tracked: Weight, Body fat, Water percentage, Bone mass, Muscle mass
  • Batteries: 4 AAA batteries (lasts up to 18 months)


  • Lasts up to 18 months on 4 standard AAA batteries
  • Integrated with many 3rd party apps
  • New improved Patented Position ControlT™ Technology delivers highly-precise measurements accurate to .2 pounds
  • Trend screen to immediately show you your progress against weight goals

You can read customer reviews and purchase a Withings Body on Amazon.



Qardiobase smart scale with appThe company Qardio works with doctors, patients and healthcare providers to create products that promote and maintain good health. You can tell from the name a lot of these products are heart-related. Their full body composition smart scale is called Qardiobase and it has sleek modern look. I really like the unique visual feedback providing a happy, neutral or sad face depending on whether you have gained or lost weight (or stayed the same). It’s a small but personal touch that adds to the design. It does however, take 8 AAA batteries to run which is double what most scales require. Some users have complained that the smaller base design can make it a bit wobbly so you need to be careful when stepping on it.

>>Find out more about Qardiobase on Amazon<<

• Full body composition metrics
• Unique and personal display feedback
• Minimalistic modern look
• dedicated mode for moms-to-be, allowing them to track weekly progress and add pictures to their numbers.

• Needs 8 AAA batteries
• Smaller base of the scale means you need to careful when stepping on it

Connectivity: Wifi and bluetooth
Number of users: Multiple users
Metrics tracked: Weight, BMI, Body fat %, Bone,
Batteries: 8 AA batteries

You can read customer reviews and purchase a Qardiobase scale on Amazon.



There you have it – 4 different scales compatible with S Health, with a range of features and prices. We hope you find what you are looking for!

Update July 2017 – the list of compatible apps is growing for Samsung Health and we can now see that Wahoo and Under Armour Record can sync with Samsung Health, which means that that the Wahoo Fitness Balance scale and UA Scale will be added to this list.


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