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Which Smart Scales Work With Fitbit? Hint: It’s Not Just Fitbit Aria

Smart scales compatible with FitbitDisclaimer –  The content in this article reflects my personal research and opinions. It does not replace the need for professional health or nutritional advice. This article contains affiliate links for which I receive a commission.

If you are using Fitbit watches or wristbands and tracking results on the Fitbit app, it’s a natural next step to purchase a smart scale and start syncing your weight and BMI too. Getting everything into one fitness tracking ecosystem is exciting for the data-hungry fitness freak. Now, you’ll be happy to know that Fitbit actually manufacture their own smart scale, the Fitbit Aria. But don’t jump to any conclusions – it’s not your only option as there are actually other cheaper smart scales that also work with Fitbit.

About Fitbit

Fitbit is the market leader for activity trackers and wearable technology for fitness tracking. Users of Fitbit have the ability to log their food intake, weight, quality of sleep and of course track activities. They can also use Fitbit to set daily and weekly goals for themselves. In addition to their range of activity trackers, Fitbit also have a website and mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile. FitBit is headquartered in San Francisco.

Features to compare in a smart scale

Not all smart scales are the same. The vary in functionality and in price. These are some important factors to consider:

What do you want to measure – do you just want to measure your weight and BMI or are you interested in advanced metrics like body fat percentage, body mass, and lean mass?

Connectivity – do you want a smart scale that uses Bluetooth to send data directly to your phone or do you want a Wifi enabled smart scale that requires a good internet connection in the bathroom. Bluetooth is easier to set up but you need to ensure the scale is compatible with your phone. Wifi smart scales work by sending data to the cloud which in turns updates your fitness app. You would need to have  a good connection in your bathroom.

Price – obviously you want something in your budget. If you are going for a scale with advanced metrics you will definitely pay more.

Other features – there are smart scales with all kinds of unique functionality. They are scales that show trends, display smiley faces with your weight (assuming you’ve made progress), athlete modes, and even modes specific for pregnant women.

3 Smart scales compatible with Fitbit

Just to clarify, by ‘compatible with Fitbit’ this essentially means that these smart scales have ‘native apps’ that can integrate with the Fitbit app. So the smart scales basically send data to their native app which then send the data to Fitbit. The result is the same whether you use a 3rd party scale and app or you use the Fitbit Aria which would send data directly to the Fitbit app.

Fitbit Aria 2

Fitbit aria 2 smart scale

The Fitbit Aria 2 comes in black as well.

Ok, so let’s start with the Fitbit Aria 2. This is manufactured by Fitbit themselves and uses Wifi connectivity to send data straight to your Fitbit app. It measures weight, BMI, lean mass and body fat percentage. You can track up to 8 users on the Fitbit Aria 2. It has a stylish black or white glass finish and it is super thin so can be carried easily. Because the Fitbit Aria 2 is manufactured by Fitbit themselves it is probably the most ‘future-proof’ of all the options here and you can always assume that your Fitbit watches or wristbands will be compatible with the scale. You can view your weight trends and progress in easy-to-read charts & graphs on the Fitbit dashboard. If used with other Fitbit products you can connect the elements to give you a full picture of your exercise, sleep and nutrition. While there are many good reasons to go for the Aria 2 it is also by far the most expensive smart scale on this list.


  • Connectivity: Wifi
  • Metrics: weight, BMI, lean mass and body fat percentage
  • Batteries: 4 AA batteries


  • Manufactured by Fitbit so guaranteed to always be compatible with other Fitbit products
  • Advanced metrics like body fat percentage
  • Quick and easy setup using your smartphone


  • Fitbit Aria 2 is definitely a more expensive high end smart scale

Yunmai Color Smart Scale

Yunmai color smart scale

The Yunmai Color smart scale is a simple and stylish scale that comes in 5 different shades for a personalised touch. Yunmai’s app can sync with Fitbit and tracks an impressive 10 different metrics, using bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA). Yunmai is a relatively new player on the digital bathroom scale market and their prices are much lower than their competitors. They are however growing and their marketing talks of ‘2,000,000 + happy customers and counting.’


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Metrics tracked: Weight, Body Fat, Muscle Rate, Water, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat, BMR, BMI, Protein, Body Age
  • Batteries: 4 AAA batteries


  • Very affordable, even with the advanced metrics.
  • Comes in different colors to fit your personality and style
  • Minimalist design


  • Limited compatibility with 3rd party apps (although if you are solely a Fitbit user it is not an issue)

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Scale

Weight gurus bluetooth smart scale

This scale is manufactured by St Louis-based Greater Goods, who work with charities and responsible makers to produce great products for good. It has a large backlit 3.25” display and is housed in a sleek, low-profile body (1 inch thick). It also uses BIA technology to measure things like body fat, BMI, muscle mass, water weight, and bone mass. All data is stored in the Weight Gurus which can be synced to your Fitbit account.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Metrics tracked: body fat, BMI, muscle mass, water weight, and bone mass.
  • Batteries: 4 AAA batteries


  • Lots of different metrics
  • Large backlit display
  • The manufacturer, Greater Goods have a strong social responsibility ethos, sourcing responsibly and sharing profits with their charity partners
  • Great technical support online


  • Very good value for money


As you can see the Fitbit Aria 2 is not the only option when looking for a smart scale that works with your Fitbit ecosystem. The Aria 2 might be the safest bet for future-proofing against any compatibility issues, but it is also the priciest option. Good luck!

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