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Under Armour Scale Review

Under Armour ScaleDisclaimer –  The content in this article reflects my personal research and opinions. It does not replace the need for professional health or nutritional advice. This article contains affiliate links for which I receive a commission.

Under Armour is a well-known manufacturer of sports and fitness apparel, with sports stars across the world promoting their brand. Over the last few years they have started to also venture into consumer electronics with investments in various health tracking apps and connected health devices. One of their flagship products in this range is the Under Armour (UA) Scale, a smart scale for tracking and monitoring weight, BMI, body fat percentage and other metrics. In this review, we review the UA Scale against other smart scales on the market.

Comparing Smart Scales

When comparing smart scales these are typically the factors you need to consider:

What do you want to measure? When comparing smart scales you need to think about if you are simply interested in just measuring your weight or if you want to measure much more including things like body fat percentage. Typically a smart scale that only measures weight is cheaper. The UA Scale measures weight and body fat percentage using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA).

What fitness apps do you use or plan to use? If you already have a fitness app that you regularly use, the most important think to consider when choosing a smart scale is whether that scale can send data to your preferred app. However, the Under Armour Scale comes with a great app Under Armour Record, a dashboard for your 24/7 activity, sleep, and workouts. Keep track of all your data in one place. UA Record can also sync with MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness.

Do you want to use wifi or Bluetooth connectivity? Smart scales usually use either wifi or Bluetooth for connectivity. The Under Armour scale uses wifi connectivity. This just mean you need to ensure your wifi reaches your bathroom so that the scale can send your data through.

Personalisation? Does the scale recognise who are you are address you personally. This is a nice touch that only some smart scales do.

Features of the Under Armour scale:

  • Measures your body fat percentage as well as weight
  • Profile – create your own profile to store your data and goals.
  • Auto-recognition – the scale will recognise you based on your weight and pull up your name and profile
  • Multiple users – the scales can track up to 8 users and stores the data for each person. Great for families.
  • Easy syncing – data syncs easily with the Under Armour Record app
  • Display – Nice, large LED display, easy to read.

UA Healthbox

Under Armour Healthbox

It’s actually hard to find the Under Armour Scale on its own, as it normally comes as part of the UA Healthbox, a complete fitness ecosystem. The UA Healthbox is a pretty cool complete package of devices and apps to meet all your fitness tracking needs. It’s not cheap, but it is comprehensive.

The UA Healthbox comes with:

  • UA Scale for measuring weight and body fat percentage
  • UA Band for measuring sleep, resting heart rate, steps & even workout intensity (when worn with UA Heart Rate)
  • Heart Rate – wear this chest strap while you work out to track your heart rate.
  • Free 1-year membership to MyFitnessPal Premium & MapMyFitness MVP – these versions give you lots of extra features from the normal versions.

Disadvantages of the UA Healthbox and UA Scale

  • It’s a great brand and great quality, but that means it’s also relatively expensive compared with other smart scales
  • If you just want the UA Scale it can be hard to find it sometimes on its own.
  • The measurement of your body fat percentage uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), which has issues with accuracy. All smart scales that measure body fat percentage use this technology though.

Technical Specifications of the UA Scale:

  • Size: 360 mm(W) x 35.9 mm(T)
  • LED screen display with speaker notification- Supports UA Record users & guests without a UA Record account
  • WiFi-enabled & automatically syncs data to UA Record
  • Support Over the Air to update scale functionality
  • Battery: 4 AA (included)
  • Compatible with iOS8.4 or later; Android 4.4 or later


The Under Armour Scale is a high quality smart scale made from a leading brand. It isn’t cheap, but if money is not so much an issue it’s a good option. I do find it annoying that it’s hard to find the scale on its own, as not everyone wants to measure every access of their fitness. But – if you are fitness data geek and are interested in every piece of data then the UA Healthbox means you have all your devices and apps from the same company – which is a huge benefit. Getting devices and apps from different manufacturers to sync with each other can be a hassle and the UA Healthbox avoids all of that.

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