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Brookstone towel warmer review

Brookstone Towel Warmer Review

Winter is here and that means potentially cold houses and cold bathrooms. There’s nothing worse than stepping out of nice hot shower into a cold room and putting on a cold robe or clothes! This is where towel warmers come in and there are lots of different types with different features and different price tags. […]

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Towel warmers for small spaces

Best Towel Warmers for Small Spaces

Having a small bathroom can be a real pain. It’s already the smallest room in the house, and because of all the different things you often need to do in the bathroom, you need to get really creative with your storage and design ideas. Towel warmers play a big role in making a bathroom feel […]

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Best towel warmers

Best Towel Warmers – Reviews and Comparisons

Having a towel warmer adds an element of luxury and goes a long way in making your bathroom feeling cosy. And it serves multiple purposes by not only warming and drying towels and other clothing, but provides overall heating for the bathroom. But deciding what towel warmer is best for you can be confusing. There […]

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Best Towel Warmer Brands

A routine Google search shows that there are many options when looking for a towel warmer, both in terms of model and brand. It can take a while to review the many alternatives and while there are many individual products on the market, we have narrowed our selection down to what we think are the […]

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