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how do shower led lights work

How Do LED Shower Heads Work?

There are tons of fun novelty gadgets on the market but some even serve a functional, as well as aesthetic purpose. This is especially true when it comes to the wide range of fun and useful accessories and features you can get for your bathroom and shower. Not all of the fun and functional things […]

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Are smart scales worth it

Are Smart Scales Worth It?

Disclaimer –  The content in this article reflects my personal research and opinions. It does not replace the need for professional health or nutritional advice. When it comes to weighing yourself, these days there are so many different options. Buying a bathroom scale can be confusing and making a decision can seem daunting. But asking […]

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Listening to music in the shower

How to Listen to Music in the Shower

Some people do their best thinking in the shower. And other people do their best grooving and crooning while getting cleaned up. I remember back in the day when your only option was to get one of those analog shower radios. These days there are way more options, mainly because of technology. Here we list […]

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Digital Scale for measuring weight

How to Measure Your Weight Without a Scale

Let’s face it. Losing weight is a real pain in the butt. Monitoring your eating and exercising more is difficult. And then if you step on a scale every week and not see a change, it can be pretty de-motivating and frustrating. But it is important to recognize that losing weight and getting healthier are […]

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Best towel warmers

Best Towel Warmers – Reviews and Comparisons

Having a towel warmer adds an element of luxury and goes a long way in making your bathroom feeling cosy. And it serves multiple purposes by not only warming and drying towels and other clothing, but provides overall heating for the bathroom. But deciding what towel warmer is best for you can be confusing. There […]

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How to dry clothes faster without a dryer

How to dry clothes faster…without a dryer!

So your clothes are wet and you need them dry – quickly. We all find ourselves in the situation sometimes where we need our clothes to dry quickly but simply don’t have a tumble dryer. It could be you are in a rush to dry an outfit because of some event you are attending later […]

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