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Best Towel Warmer Brands

A routine Google search shows that there are many options when looking for a towel warmer, both in terms of model and brand. It can take a while to review the many alternatives and while there are many individual products on the market, we have narrowed our selection down to what we think are the three best towel warmer brands on the market. Let’s take a look at these brands and see what they have to offer.

Warmrails – best brand for electric towel warmers

Warmrails HW-SW Kensington towel warmer

Warmrails HW-SW Kensington

As the name of the brand implies, Warmrails produces electrically-heated towel racks. The company currently offers five affordable models, three of which are free-standing, and two of which are mountable on walls. Each model suitable for the modern bathroom, combining utility and style. 

The Hetra Classic is an artistic free-standing towel warmer that can find usage throughout the year. The HW-SW Regent or the larger HW-SW Kensington might be more appropriate if you prefer a wall-mounted towel warmer for multiple articles to warm.

Warmrails products are affordable and effective for all times of the year. These devices aren’t just good for warming towels, as their name suggests, but they are good for keeping robes and other clothing warm and dry as well. They can even be used to dry swimwear during the summer months!

All Warmrails products are powered by electricity, and plug directly into a wall socket like any other electrical appliance. In terms of value for money and the offering available we feel Warmrails are the best electric towel warmers.


Hudson Reed – best brand for hydronic towel warmers

Hudson Read Chrome & White Hydronic Towel Warmer Rail 18.3″ x 36.8″

While Warmrails offers affordable prioducts, Hudson Reed’s towel warmers are a bit on the pricey side. However, the company is a well-known contender in the arena of bathroom devices and accouterments, and they offer a wide range of products that will be fit in with any modern or classical bathroom decor.

Hudson Reed towel warmers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. For instance, their coil towel warmers are wall-mounted with round rungs on which to hang towels or articles of clothing. The device outputs enough heat to warm a bathroom too, which is perfect for those cold days where one just does not want to leave the warmth of the shower.

Hudson Reed produces hydronic towel warmers rather than electric ones. This means that the towel warmer must be connected to one’s homes hot water supply (called an open system), or utilize their own specialized hydronic heating system (a closed system). This makes them more challenging to install and gives them a higher initial price point. But in the long run, they are more energy efficient and cost less on the utility bill.

Given their usage of a hydronic system Hudson Reed towel warmers need to be mounted. While this makes them immobile compared to some of the selections that Warmrails has to offer, their designs arr more varied, allowing consumers to choose which model best suits their home decor.

Hudson Reed towel warmers are not cheapest brand, but they look great and provide great quality.


Brookstone – best brand for towel warmer cabinets


Brookstone towel warmer

Brookstone BS-002 towel warmer

Brookstone is a retail store chain that offers a wide assortment of electronics and home appliances. One such appliance is their BST-002 towel warmer. Unlike the selections from Warmrails and Hudson Reed, Brookstone only offers one model, and it does not share the same towel rack design as its competitors.

In fact, Brookstone’s towel warmer is reminiscent of a portable drier, and can receive up to two large towels at once. It is also useful for warming and drying other articles such as robes, blankets, and swimwear. While the device might not blend into a bathroom environment like a rack-based design would, it is more portable, making it somewhat more versatile.

The BST-002 plugs into a wall socket like any other electronic appliance. It features a built-in timer that lets users set how long they want the device to run, up to one hour. Its spacious design heats up towels, robes, and blankets evenly, and can heat dry towels to optimum temperatures in under five minutes.

Watch this video from Brookstone about their towel warmer:



Conclusion – best towel warmer brands

All three of these brands have their upsides and downsides, so the best brand depends on what your specific needs are. If you are looking for something to match the style of your bathroom, then Hudson Reed products might suit your needs. If you do not want to have to deal with complicated installations, affordable products from Warmrails might fit the bill. Finally, if you do not just need warm, dry towels, then Brookstone’s BST-002 might be your best option.


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